Dometic ORIGO Fuel Canister f-5100 [3880009-81]

Dometic ORIGO Fuel Canister f-5100 [3880009-81]

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ORIGO Fuel Canister for 5100

The Dometic ORIGO Fuel Canister is specially designed to hold non-pressuried alcohol for use with ORIGO stoves. With a maximum storage capacity of 1.2L, these containers are constructed from an absorbent material to ensure no leakage occurs, even when the container is tipped upside down. Available for several Dometic ORIGO alcohol stoves and ovens, these fuel tanks provide extra time of cooking. 


  • Easy access provides simple and safe filling
  • Optional accessory for ORIGO stoves
  • Provides extra cooking time

*Please note: The sloped portion of the fuel canister is used as a filling reservoir to avoid spills. This is not a defect.