T-REIGN Outdoor Products - Long Snip Cheaters - Pac

T-REIGN Outdoor Products - Long Snip Cheaters - Pac

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Manufacture ID: BTC223

Boomerang Tool Snips The Snip Green Md#: BTC 223 This innovative device offers anglers an effective alternative to awkward, easily misplaced cutting tools like scissors or nail clippers. Compact, lightweight and extremely durable it features precise stainless steel blades that slice through mono-filament, fluorocarbon, and even braid, like butter.


- Easily cuts Braid, Fluoro & Mono lines
- 3X Magnifying Lens, ideal for small tackle
- Hook eye cleaner
- 36" Retractable tether
- Always Handy, Never Lost
- 3 tools in one: 3X Magnifying Lens, Long Snips and a Hook eye Cleaner
- Integrated blade safety mechanism


- Magnifying Lens: 3X
- Retractable Length: 36